Hi, nice to meet you!

Hi, my name is Hjörtur Freyr and, I live in Grindavík, Iceland. I'm just going start of to tell you a little about myself and my computer addiction. So to start of, I love to spend as much of my day on the computer, designing something, looking at code and if I have some time left I try playing some video games.



These are skills I would say I'm pretty good at


Web Design

I would say this is the most important thing about a good and successful website. A beautiful and astonishing website is very important in this modern world.

usability testing


It's very important that people like the site, so the user experience and user interface have to be perfect!



This step is crucial and can take some time, because a well-writen code will function better than not well-written code.

Case Studies

Here can you see all the projects I'm proud of having participated in

Web Development & Design

Nemendafélag Fjölbrautaskóla Suðurnesja

This project was challenging and fun. This was my first BIG project, so I spent a lot of time designing and making it perfect. The client needed a responsive website because most of the users use there phone to view the site, so with help from Bulma CSS framework, I would say it came out well. Also, they needed to sell tickets to there events, so I used Borgun Online Payment.

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website setup


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